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(that is obviously not my picture, just a picture that looks like mine)

You'll shoot your eye out kid!

Wish I had more classics, however, I'm more into modern firearms than classics. Though I do love classic weaponry, I prefer it to be authentic instead of replica, and with that comes cost, and for the stuff I want, I'd have to sell my car and house to get. heheh

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What are classic? Is there some age like 50 years?

I dont have any pictures of most of my old guns.. there kind of boring to me... If it cant fire 90 rounds a second im not happy with it! Na I love takeing the M-44 out and blasting rocks 150 yards down the river from the cover of a tree almost.. Now If only i could put a 30 round mag on it... .

1945 M-44

1944 Nazi marked Walther p-38 with "Clips" <--- thats a joke hah

Yugo Mauser in 8mm

I guess my Yugo SKS counts as well...

The rest are old shotguns a black powder gun and a bunch of .22's
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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