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chk out these AK mags I have

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The 1st is German(right?) the 3rd is Chicom. Who made the others??????
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got em ID'd, the 2 middle are chinese and the last one iss from Bosnia.
I looked around for a little bit and could not figure out that second one, never seen one like that and I have a bunch of chinese mags.
you may get one if you buy a bundle of 6 out of the Sportsmans Guide. They r advertized as being from the serbian war, thats where I got all those cool ones.

That 2nd one is the only chinese one I got out of serbia..
All mine are German and Bulgarian ones. Hell my Romy mags didnt work in my Romy AK. I had to pry them out. WAYYYYY off spec
I have one bulgarian, do yours have that cool grainey texture to them?
they have some good deals at centerfire.they also have some crap too.
fatcat said:

good price for a good brand, but its ugly as a brick.
if it was not 9mm it would be on its way to a FFL right now...
fatcat said:
I have one bulgarian, do yours have that cool grainey texture to them?

No it looks just like a German one except it has a sticker that says MADE IN BULGARIA on it.
hm.. I got this one because of this strange texture but it did have the sticker on it.

Id like to get an old slab side AK mag one day.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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