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Check your State Bill of Rights!

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I just found this looking up state gun rights.

Oregon State Constitution Bill of Rights said:
"The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defense of themselves, and the state."
- Section 27 of the Oregon State Constitution Bill of Rights
That's as plain as it can get, you would think. What does your state say? Post up here!
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Taxachusetts said:
"...You, the people, shall today and forever more do as we the governors say and not as we do. As for your guns we'll deny their sale unless we can prove they are safe for you...and ammo too."
- Crispus Attucks
Not surprising Jamz toward of all places Florida, a largely slave trade state.
Women as well got the short end of the thunder stick. :(

- Janq
fatcat said:
Thats because in California... YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!
Zing! :lol:

- Janq
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