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i cant remember if there was ever a thread here for this - i know on several weapon specific forums there are - so why not here?

the objective is to share personal experience on what you have tried and works for CCW and more importantly what didnt work and why

maybe this could lead to a holster trading thread?

from another post earlier today:

wilderness instructor belt with

my fav holster is gurkha by comptac

i like it better than my c-tac! (which everyone swears by)

its just soo comfortable and i believe it conceals better and is easier to get on and off

Gurhka - carries my Sig 229 .40

C-T.A.C - carries my G27 .40

now depending on the day and what i have planned i alternate between the glock and the sig

i have a galco high rise leather 229 holster and a safariland padel for glock taking up space in the safe
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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