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CCW renewal

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My permit runs out next week so I went in yesterday moring to get it renewed. Not my smartest decision Slight hangover, weeks worth of beard and dressed like a hobo lol The officer looked kinda shocked when I told him I wanted to " renew" my permit, one of them we let this idiot carry a gun looks. He gives me th papers to fill out and leaves, comes back 10 minutes later with his superviser, whom also looks at me funny. He sits down and starts typing into the computer and asks me if I'm carrying now, I tell him yes and we start chit chating, but he's still looking at me funny. He finishes and I walk out and he follows me still talking, asks me what kinda of weapon I have so I unload it and show it to him. He looks it over and asks me how many drinks I had lastnight. Took my by surprise I tell him a couple and he asks when did you finish that 1 and points at my side. I don't know if you seen these yet but corona makes a lanyard beer botle holder has a little hole that slips over the next of a bottle and you can let it hang, I'd been walking around all morning with the broken neck of a carlsburg bottle dangling from my neck :oops: He hands me back the gun and says make sure you aren't carring that in bars heres your sign. lmaooooo Some days I should just stay home
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Great story :)
Oh damn.

To this day I check and triple check my gear before rolling into a po-po station.
I'll even go so far to completely change clothes and freshen up prior if time is allowed,
Being cavalier about or with the po-po is for me as foreign a concept as dropping $1M bets at Vegas or living as a woman.

- Janq
Damn. Reminds me of the time I had to bail one of my Army buds out of jail when he came to my hometown with me. We got so fucked up, he parked in the front yard of my friend's house we were staying at and passed out with his feet still hanging inside the car. I made it back inside to pass out on my other friend's couch only to get woken up by the sound of 5-0 knocking on the door that was right next to my head. I was still so drunk I couldn't even see straight. They asked me if I knew him, which I admitted to, and told me that I can pick him up at the sherrif's department that was 4 blocks away from where we were staying. The next morning, when I figured that I had sobered up enough to get him out of jail, I went down to the cop shop to get him out. I was still so drunk that I put the wrong day, of the wrong month, of the wrong year on the date block of the release form. The jailer was sympathetic with us, as I went to high school with his younger brother, and walked me through filling out a correct form. That was an interesting day. He still owes me for that one. Fucker wasn't even in the same state last time I had to sit in the drunk tank, though.
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Good story. Any time i have to go to the police station i try to clean my self up a little so i don't look like a slob. but it happens last time i was there i was a little hung over to.
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