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I often CCW in odd ways, having tried a bunch of holsters that were never exactly perfect for me personally. CCW is a deeply personal thing, from the decision, to the tool, right down to the method one uses. IWB works great for one person, and works terribly for another depending on body style, personal preference, ability to dress around it, etc. Through this I've decided that I like to use equipment in ways it was not originally intended to be used.

I've noticed that most of my holsters need to be modified in some way or another in order to work for me. I have a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster that fits the gun great, but fits my pockets horribly, so I took a sharp knife and cut around the bottom of it in order to shape it to my jeans and khaki pockets, now it is wonderful.

I have an OWB Galco Black Widow that worked great once I cut the retaining strap off, because for my particular gun it would flick the safety off almost instantly. It's still plenty tight to retain the gun but it's a much faster draw.

I recently bought a "smart Carry" holster that is designed to carry the gun in a marsupial-like pouch in the front of your pants... it works a lot better with pleated pants, and I only own and like flat front ones, so it printed pretty badly. Then I discovered that I can sling it around sideways IWB, with the pouch at about the 3:30 position, and it becomes a perfect tuckable IWB holster, with the shirt tucked in around it. Nearly completely invisible, with no belt loops or straps or anything.

Even though they say don't modify a holster, I am convinced that you can and make it work as long as you do it intelligently.
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