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Mrs. Janq mentioned over dinner that her dad wants to take her and the kids to VT for a half day road trip. she asked if I wanted to come with and I decided to go.

I checked around and VT has lax gun laws and does not require a permit for concealed nor open carry.
They do recognize VA CCW permits to which I have a resident CHP so I'm doubly good there.

But I'm having difficulty finding info toward got ya type items.
Stuff like are you not allowed to carry in a restaurant or establishment that serves beer? What about storage in your car if you enter a persons home, which we might wind up doing?

Your insight & knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

- Janq

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the best i could find - is what you already know i am sure:

Title 13: Chpt. 85: § 4003.

School Buildings. (The law says School Buildings and does not mention Primary, Secondary or College So all school buildings, both public and private, are off limits.)
Any state institution or upon the grounds or lands owned or leased for the use of such institution, without the approval of the warden or superintendent of the institution. (This Section Probably covers Colleges as well, but would certainly apply to state hospitals and correctional facilities)
Court Houses.
A building with controlled points of public access, metal screening devices at each point of public access, and locked compartments, accessible only to security personnel, for storage of checked firearms.
State Park Rules and Regulations as published by the VT. Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

Fires and Firearms

2. No firecrackers or other explosive devices, firearms, air rifles or pistols, gas weapons, slingshots, crossbows, bow and arrows except by special permit, shall be displayed or discharged in any developed recreation area May 1 through October 15. No firearm shall be discharged within 500 feet of any building or structure in any park or recreation area.
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