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Can you say ouch?

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The Downsizer wsp.

Specifications Model WSP (World's Smallest Pistol)
Calibers 45 ACP, 357 Magnum (Also fires 38 Special)
Capacity Single Shot
Trigger Double action only
Action Tip up barrel, push button release
Materials Stainless steel, CNC machined
Sights None, smooth snag free top
Safety Internal firing pin block
Overall Length 3.25" (Smaller than a playing card)
Barrel Length 2.10"
Height 2.25" (Smaller than a playing card)
Thickness 0.90"
Weight 11 oz.
Suggest Retail $499

It would hurt to shoot....Its so small I would lose it...and I may break it.

Can you imagine teh muzzle flash on that in 357mag? LOL
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Me rikey...but too expensive a toy.

- Janq
Yea seriously, 499 for something that looks so simple to build.
Heh, looks like a modern Liberty pistol :D

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jsut forwarded this to my LT so we can cover it in Roll Call.....that's REALLY small and would be easy to hide...
Damn thats pretty small and would be easy to hide. But theres no way i'd pay $499 for that it looks very simple and cheap. It would probally fly out of your hand shooting a .357 mag out of it.
That shit's not even right. You could hide that in a pack of cigarettes.
if you had to pull that on an attacker they might not even see it or if they do they'd probally just be like what the hell is that
Wow...the recoil on that thing would be huge...and I wouldn't really trust myself with a single-shot pistol in a stressfull situation, if I miss the guy with the knife is gonna be pissed....
Adler I think I got you beat :wink:

heh heh.... Ouch.... :shock:

Mod. A.-Survival cal. 45-70

Yea.... that says 45-70....

Oh it comes in 30-30 as well.

Woah.... sorry about the massave picture.
REsized and rehosted the pic :) -jamz
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45-70 derringer?

fucking hell!
Holy shit. That's just re-god-damn-diculous.
.45-70 derringer that would truely separte the little boys from the mighty men. Modern .45-70 can be thrown out a riffle barrel going over 3000 fps and over 3000 ft lbs of energy out the muzzle.
Yep :) If thats not enough knock down power for your pocket I dont know what the hell your defending yourself from.... Talk about a "pocket rocket" I bet if you were to fire that thing not holding it it would fly 15 feet... I have fired a 45-70 trap door rifle and holy hell!
fatcat said:
Yep :) If thats not enough knock down power for your pocket I dont know what the hell your defending yourself from....
If you need that kind of power in your pocket, you're in a far meaner place than I've ever been, and I've been in some pretty mean streets in my life. I've said it before, that thing's fucking rediculous.
I hope it comes with a splint that you can use to reset your hand bones once you fire it :p
That is awesome. I'd love to have one!
the WSP is insane.....that thing is just plain stupid
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