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Can you imagine having THIS in your basement!?!?

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What the hell would you do if one day you came home and this money magically appeared in your home. No one knows but you.

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It's been posted before...a drug seizure from earlier in the year.

To play along though I have a huge basement. Huge.
I'd never ever tell anyone about the find. I'd probably not even tell my wife as she never goes down there being scared of it.
That money would in my hands be disappeared over the course of maybe a weeks time and effort.
I'd continue to live for a spell (maybe 1-4 yrs.) as we have normally by outside observation while on the back end I'd be making maneuvers to invest and rid my self of 2/3rds of that hard currency via shadowy and difficult to track but legal methods while the remainder I'd store hidden at a location(s) disclosed to no one for sake of 'emergencies'.

Poof...Then I'd wake up from the nightmare.

- Janq
jamz said:
Well, first I'd have to figure out what to do with the federales there... ;)

Then that shit would be gone, man, gone. Lots of different locations, none official, none bankable. Probably have to open up a "cash business" or two to be able to start importing it into legitimate accounts. Have to work really hard on not spending it much, except for the occasional dinner out, or to fill up the car and such. Can't go out and buy a new bass boat, people would wonder where the money came from!

Getting rid of that kind of money would be serious serious serious work, and you could never ever tell anyone about it not even the most trusted of advisor...without killing them immediately thereafter.
Stupid people would use the cash to buy stuff not thinking that they have to pay tax on it and that Uncle Sam tracks that kind of thing and at tax time the IRS would wonder how it is ones W2 indicates they make say $50K per year yet they live in a mansion in Bel Air and own a fleet of boats, planes, cars, and the BATF would wonder about a sudden increase in large purchases of firearms. The IRS and state is going to want their cut and the govt. at large would be wondering where did the resource come from to enable sudden changes in ones lifestyle.

Thats the kind of money and find that one could not spend int heir own lifetime. It would be a generational familial establishment.
Don't open up cash businesses though as the IRS actively monitors that kind of thing and flowing cash into such is illegal. Setup a corporation, multiples of them as shells against each other and off shore outside of the US. Against that then book sales and profits for 'services' rendered (no goods) at shadow costs publishing no public corporate documents nor sales figures nor pricing and keep the corporation a privately held entity allowing it to within most countries business law and normative practice report nothing to anyone state, country, or even D&B.

Work but it would be required to hide that kind of cash infusion.
Also it would take a good amount of individual self control, a healthy dose of paranoia toward those outside ones own inner circle (trust no one!), and those who are trusted would only be aware of details on a need to know basis with the most witting of those being kept on an extremely short and well monitored leash.

It would be a life of hell and constant worry.

- Manuel Noriega
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