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Can some one make a write-up?

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I jsut bought a used Glock 26 as a first gun, and was wondering if anyone can do a write-up on how to field-stip it.


PS- Good idea on the forum Brucie.
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Got ya covered my good man, give me a few minutes to type it up....

even though SubEd linked to it...I'll do it anyway, just in case.

1.) This is HIGHLY critical with a Glock...ensure the magazine is out, and the chamber is empty.

2.) Check to make sure the magazine is out, and the chamber is empty. Yes, I know I repeated myself, it's that important.

3.) Point it in a safe direction and pull the trigger. See why 1&2 were so critical?

4.) Grip the gun with your right thumb under the tang (top of the backstrap), and wrap your fingers over the top of the slide, just in front of the rear sight.

5.) Pull the slide back just a tad...about 1/4 inch, just so the gun is out of battery.

6.) While holding the slide there, use your left thumb and forefinger to simultaneously pull down on the tabs just above the trigger on the frame.

7.) Hold the tabs down and allow the slide to slide foreward, it should slide right off.

8.) Now pop the spring off, and pull the barrell out. You're now looking at a field stripped Glock.

To re-assemble,

1) Put the barrell back in the slide, and put the spring in place as well.

2) Slide the slide back onto the frame, sliding it all the way back as if you're chambering a round, then let go. That's all. Work the slide and dry fire it a few times to ensure it's right.
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Thanks. I thought there was more to it. :oops:
Hey guys how much diferent is it to field strip an xd?
I have no experience with the I can't help ya man...sorry
Check with your owners manual. Most guns are very similar when field stripping, however some will have a few different steps.
The XD-9 fieldstrip process from
Cock the piece.

Retract the slide and lock it rearward (thus aligning the takedown lever with the groove).

Turn the takedown lever upward.

Move the slide forward and press the trigger to decock.

Pull the slide forward to dismount it from the frame.

Rotate the slide assembly upside down.

Remove the captive dual recoil spring unit.

Retract the barrel up and to the rear, thus removing it from the slide.
Sounds pretty similar, with the additional step of having to lock the slide all the way back.
I don't know why this posted twice, I wasn't even in this section at the time, however my computer froze up, so maybe that had something to do with it. :?:
why did you post that twice, like 30 minutes apart?
Thanks. I was accually playing around with one at work today and it was pretty easy to find out how to get it apart. the hardest part was figureing out that I had to lock the slide first.

nevertheless, very easy to take apart.
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