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Can anyone recommend a red dot for CX4?

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I am looking for an inexpensive red dot for my Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm carbine. BSA 30mm can be found for ~$35, but are they accurate, reliable, etc? Any other brands?
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I have used the BSA in the past. they are accurate and hold zero.
but they can get washed out in bright sunlight.

I haven't had one break yet.

I would recommend one for range use
Tasco aslo makes dot sites in that price range, they work pretty well. they make a bigger 42mm sight for under 50$
I've got the BSA, it's fine for banging around, and seems to hold zero pretty well. I had it mounted on a MN M44 for a few hundred rounds, and it held zero just fine, and that was a hard recoiling rifle. I'd say it would be fine for the Beretta.

Now it's attached to my AR, but I haven't sighted it in yet.
I think I have seen the 30mm and 42mm at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap. Thanks for the feedback.
Take a look at Tacpoints, they look like Aimpoints but they sound good at 80 bucks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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