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So I was at work looking in the new catalog for our distributors when I see this mag with the top opened where you just drop bullets into it... I yelled quite loud "Why the hell dident I think of that!?!"

I have to buy one to try it out..

Awesome idea..

Also some nice full auto videos on that site :)


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it seems so simple - yet so complex


kinda like those damn foofoo drink umbrella's

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When I first saw this, I thought it would be about compasses.
That's kind of a wierd jump from compasses to magazines.

But I always thought the same thing about japanese manufacturers that make automobiles and T.V.'s.:)

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too bad they're pieces of crap. eventually the front slide stops staying closed and starts sliding open while firing.

that and if you pull it open and close it without rounds in it it could probably break your fingers.
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