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Last night while browsing Midway I came across a special item that just went on sale.
This is an excellent deal IMHO too good to pass up...

Caldwell Orange Peel Targets Factory Seconds Promo-Pack 5.5" Bulls-eye 50 Sheet Pack

MidwayUSA is excited to offer you this great deal! However, since we pass our savings on to our Customers when we make special buys, we usually sell out fast. Please act quickly while supplies last! Sorry, no backorders or substitutions.

Product #: 867456
Manufacturer #: 522652
Our Price: $3.99 Sale!
Compare at: $14.89 You save $10.90!
Sale Expires: Jun. 30, 2006

Status: Available
Should Ship Today
Note: 99.9% of Orders Placed by 4:00 p.m. CT
(Monday-Friday, Except Holidays) Ship Same Day.

Technical Specifications & Use
# Targets have a black bullseye that will turn green where hit
# Target background is orange and will turn white where hit
# Sheets are adhesive-backed
Bulk orders are limited to three packs (150 total targets) of which I ordered the maximum. Thats enough to last me 6 months or more at a cost of just $11 and some change!
Unfortunately this deal came online yesterday and my prior order of 1911 magazines has already shipped. So to avoid their mandatory surcharge of $3 for orders under $25 and to justify the $9 shipping cost I added in a pair of 29db ears that were on sale for $9 as well as some Pachmayer .45 ACP snapcaps.

- Janq

Note: I am not an employee nor affiliated with Midway. I get nothing for referring folks to this deal other than kharma points. :p
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