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Now added: Hands on review of the CA SCAR-L by AEX technicians.

It's not just a CA M15 with a modified upper... ;)

Keep in mind that CA chose the color due to the real steel version being the sand color as well. The difference in the tan colors is due to the upper being machined aluminum and the lower and stock being made mostly of plastic. Metal and plastic when colored the exactly same, will in most cases appear different due to surface texture. In this case the machined upper is painted adn the lower and stock are tan colored plastic. In person it look much better then in pictures. When these AEG's get out into the public and pictures are taken outdoors w/o flash, the "2 tone tan" will not be that noticeable.

AEX Torrance has 1 for you to fondle if you can get down there. AEX in Santa Clara "should" also have 1 too, but i'm not sure it's for public display.
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