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C&R in CA to purchase CZ-52

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I've really gotten a bug up my arse recently to pick up a CZ-52. Now, I know that these qualify for C&R, but have no idea how to go about getting a C&R in Cali. The CA DOJ website has nothing listed (that I can find) and any other references I find on other forums just say that it's 'easy' with no further explaination. Any help on how to go about getting a C&R in CA out there?

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you need to go the BATF website for information about obtaining a c&r license, also parallax's curio and relics forum has a lot of information. also, i hate to spread manure in your bed of roses, but california does not allow c&r handguns to be purchased with a 03 FFL, it needs to go through a 01 FFL, or you can go pick one up from out of state, and bring it back to california and register it within 5 days. i think the fee is 15 dollars, the form is on the CA DOJ website, or you can call them.

also, the cz-52 is a great gun, i bought a couple a few years ago when century arms had a sale on them. if you get one, remember to stock up on parts, especially firing pins and rollers, the pins are extremely weak, and will break if you dry fire it a lot.

its a great deal, when i got mine they were about $100 in excellent condition. but dont get one, get two, so you can reinact all of your favorite scenes from Boondock Saints, with two hand canons.
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Haha, thanks for the info. I wasn't sure if CA would approve an 03 C&R for pistols or not. I'm dissapointed to hear that they don't. Regardless, I think I'll still pick up a C&R just to get a Nagant or two. Those things are the best fun in a long arm for under $100.

-Chris <--- wonders how you knew about my Boondock Saints fantasies. :laugh:

"There was a fire fight!"
i meant to reply to this, but I ended up creating a new thread, my guess is that I was not paying attention.
It happens. Looks like you lucked out with your purchases. Lucky bastard. :p

i had 3, but I sold one, for cheap to boot. Funny thing, because I got these through my c&r and not through the standard formal process, i dont really think of them the same way, say as my Sig 2340. I think of them as toys, instead of something serious. I would keep them under my pillow, but they still smell like cosmoline, and I dont really like the smell of cosmoline.
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