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Just a heads up about
I purchased a handgun from this website and received a shipping notification that my item had shipped 3 days later.
GREAT!!! Not bad service.....I thought. It all goes downhill from here.
It shipped next day air via FedEx. I waited a few days and contacted my FFL and they said they had not received it so I contacted GunZoneDeals via their support website for a tracking number. I was sent a reply stating the handgun had been delivered the previous day so I phoned my FFL back. He confirmed that they had not received the firearm and requested that I provide confirmation of delivery. I emailed GunZoneDeals back asking for proof of delivery and they provided it. I phoned my FFL back and gave him the info and he said we have nobody here by that name, but I will check my cameras recordings for the past few days to verify someone had not signed for it.

The next day he phoned me back and asked for the FedEx tracking number. I guess he immediately contacted FedEx. Their first reply was that the item was delivered to the wrong location and they had found it but were waiting for "ship to " verification before tendering the package to them. Another 2 days went by and he contacted FedEx again- this time he was told the package was lost or stolen and tell me to file a claim.

I contacted GunZoneDeals via phone several times leaving a VERY detailed message informing them the weapon was lost or stolen and THEY need to fie a claim as the firearm was not mine until I went through my FFL and had it registered to me.

After a few more days I also informed them that I had stopped payment with my credit card company because I did not want a lost or stolen then recovered firearm without the correct documentation as to it's transit history. I also sent them the link to required ATF forms to report the firearm lost or stolen via email along with a link to the LAW that they had 48 hours to report this.

I got complete silence for almost 3 weeks- then I get a notification that "my firearm" has shipped. I immediately responded notifying them I cancelled the order when the gun went missing.
They replied that they want to CONFIRM that I want to cancel this order. I replied YES- I cancelled it when the gun went missing, lost or stolen!

I figured this was the end of it and went to another online vendor and purchased the same firearm and got it the next day. (From Arizona to Georgia and in my hands the very next day.)

I thought all was good until I get a "refund" from GunZoneDeals for @ $150 less than what I paid. The refund went nowhere because I had the merchant blocked when they returned zero of my phone calls and I put the "lost or stolen" gun in dispute. They also sent me a VERY SNIDE email stating my account had been locked, my IP address blocked and I would be hearing from their collections company. They said "I guess you did not read our "terms and conditions" before you cancelled your order. They also stated they would be adding $100 for the CC chargeback, plus a fee of 30% of the transaction, plus 40% collections fees and I will be contacted by them shortly to settle this balance.
Please do not reach out again. You have wasted enough of our time and resources. <------REALLY??? A firearm was lost or stolen and I get zero response concerning it's where-abouts???

WTF??? They do not respond when the firearm went missing for 3 weeks and then THIS??? I sent them 1 last email detailing the entire process including the ATF links and a link to the law. I copied the ATF this time. If they did not follow the law and report the lost or stolen firearm in 48 hours of notification I hope they get spanked severely!

Just be forewarned- this site is shady and I do not recommend dealing with them AT ALL. BUYER BEWARE!
Doesn't sound like a good vendor to deal with. I have had 1 or 2 horrible experiences myself.

In the end, I hope you have all your money.
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