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Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97

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Fellow gunatics,

I've been eyeballing this piece for awhile now, and since I already have my 'serious' guns (9mm, .380, 12g, 30-06, dual .177s FWIW), I want a 'fun' gun. I had been thinking about a Bushie AR-15 until I saw this pistol version, and since the post-ban-lapse revision from type 21 to type 97 (most importantly, the inclusion of the integrated hand guard with top and bottom accessory rails) I can't think of any alternative that I'd prefer.

So before I... er... pull the trigger on the purchase, are there any similiar pistols I'm overlooking, or does anyone have a compelling argument against this particular weapon? Has anyone here fired one? If so, your review would be appreciated...

Also, is there any way to put a folding or telescoping stock on this without incurring the potential wrath of the ATF? How about a flash suppressor?

Thanks for your insights.

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Pic here...

Here's a pic of my new baby, built as planned, with Eotech mil-spec holo sight and Brons Green Laser below. Modified the lower rail to make holding the handguard more comfortable, and tossed the 30 round mag for a Brownells 20 rounder for size and weight concerns.

Total weight is 5.4 pounds with 20 rounds in the mag.


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I wanted to update this thread with my first experience firing my carbon 15 pistol (as pictured above)...

HOLY CRAP is this thing accurate! Way better than I expected and nearly no recoil either (though it is LOUD as hell- I had to put earmuffs on over plugs, as the plugs weren't giving me a good seal- evidenced by the ringing in my ears after the first volley). The EOTech was less than 4" off from center at 50 yards, so dialing in for windage was a snap (elevation was dead-on out of the gate!).

Initial test: After a few bursts of three rounds apiece at 25 yards to get the EOTech sight aligned, I shot a 3.25" group with 6 rounds at rapid pace (<1 second between) at 50 yards freehand... throwing out the most errant one of the 6 shots yields a 2.25" group.

With my left hand on the front guard and right on the grip/trigger, the gun bellowed like a branded bull, but the buffer did a phenomenal job of absorbing the shock and muzzle rise was nearly nil. I haven't tried one-handing it yet, but suspect I could (and will try it shortly when I get my hands on some bulk ammo).

Given my past experiences with a variety of pistols, I was not expecting this level of accuracy from this weapon. Once I get the EOTech dead-on, I'm going to shoot for similar grouping at 100 yards, and if I can stay inside of 4", I may well try using this as a hunting weapon (weighs half of what my 30-06 does!). After seeing the destruction it meted out to the backside of the dead tree I hung my targets on, I don't suspect a deer or even an elk would make it far after a vital organ impact...

My only complaint is that two rounds failed to chamber properly... i.e. bolt didn't close completely and required manual assist. Don't know what the problem is, but I'm going to strip it tomorrow, clean it, and examine it for burrs or other debris, oil it thoroughly, and perhaps polish the feed ramp.

In any case, minor problems aside, I am very happy with the Bushie, and had a blast- literally and figuratively- shooting it. I highly recommend this as a fun and sporting gun, recommend it to anyone in the market for such an item, and would purchase it again in a (muzzle) flash.

IBTAssaultWeaponsBan ;)

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