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Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97

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Fellow gunatics,

I've been eyeballing this piece for awhile now, and since I already have my 'serious' guns (9mm, .380, 12g, 30-06, dual .177s FWIW), I want a 'fun' gun. I had been thinking about a Bushie AR-15 until I saw this pistol version, and since the post-ban-lapse revision from type 21 to type 97 (most importantly, the inclusion of the integrated hand guard with top and bottom accessory rails) I can't think of any alternative that I'd prefer.

So before I... er... pull the trigger on the purchase, are there any similiar pistols I'm overlooking, or does anyone have a compelling argument against this particular weapon? Has anyone here fired one? If so, your review would be appreciated...

Also, is there any way to put a folding or telescoping stock on this without incurring the potential wrath of the ATF? How about a flash suppressor?

Thanks for your insights.

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I have to agree with Ducman, the pistols don't shoot well but damn there fun!

I built mine from some extra parts I had laying around and a RRA lower receiver and its turned out great! Alot of fun to shoot OUTSIDE! its loud as hell inside, but I like running people out of the indoor range when I dump a mag :)

One thing I have always read about the Carbon 15's is there upper and lower wear, the dirtiness of an AR-15 tosses alot of crap back and the bolt carrier and upper receiver walls chafe and screw up the receiver after alot of rounds. Another thing is you cant change the buffer tube on the lower of that Carbon 15's there made into the lower receivers.

As for the stock? Thats why I have not gone with a shorter buffer tube, you can legally use the tube as a stock but its annoying after about 30 rounds so I got a laser on it to aim.

When we go to do evictions as the houses we rent or go down town the AR pistol is always under my jacket with a 20 round mag or in the truck after the trouble we have had with some people going nuts after telling them they have to leave the house, only once have I had to just print it on my jacket by turning around once when a guy threatened us, I think he knew I was packing something quite large and it was not happy to see him. He left without having to deal with paperwork.

Just woke up so spelling and grammar check is off...
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Very nice... I like it.

Just need a single point sling and thats ready for carry under a jacket.. ;)
I love AR pistols... The flash and noise alone make it worth it.

As for the bolt not seating its just breaking in, it will go away just use some oil and after anywhere from 200-500 rounds it will be good.

Good review to!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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