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Crap, I was hopeing someone would not post a how to bump fire online..

This is something for the Brady bunch to go showing off...

Also it IS dangerous, semi auto weapons are not made to fire this fast and can fire out of battery and explode the recever.

I found an ooold video of me doing it with my OOOOOOlllld AR-15, the cops came up to inspect this one about 5 min after this was filmed.


I can do it this fast from the shoulder now with just about any rifle I have.

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Of course some guns only lack the proper trigger mechanism to fire fully auto. I have done it with my AK and FAL in short bursts. Fun but impractical and expensive.

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I had the bump fire spring kit for a MAC11 when I owned one. It was a stiff spring that mounted on the trigger guard and the trigger. It was meant to give you burst fire, but with a little of practice you could empty the magazine. Not the same as firing a full auto one though.
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