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brucelee: 1. Punk guys: 0.

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I was on my way to the shooting range tonight and decided not to take the freeway, but instead take the long way just cuz I was bored...

There's a church on this road which I have to pass in order to get to the range... They have this brightly lit sign advertising that it's a church, etc...

On my way I pass the said church and see 3 dudes at the said sign, one dude is pissing on it, waving his cawk at oncoming traffic, etc... One other dude is spray painting something, I have no idea what the third dude was doing... They were basically being total f'ing retards and what they were doing could be considered a hate crime (christian church).

I felt like going back and pwning those punks and calling the cops, but didn't want to risk getting in trouble with the law, and if I call 911 on my cell phone it is routed to CHP, which then has to transfer me, etc, etc... It takes forever. I was pissed... pissed, that is, until I saw a cop car in a near by parking lot, and as luck would have it the cop was about to get into his car! I couldn't believe it... I cross all lanes of traffic in order to reach him (safely) and tell him what has just transpired... He puts his cup of coffee down and gets in his car to investigate... I follow him. Those 3 idiots are STILL there doing jumping jacks and acting like TOTAL idiots!
All of them had dark clothes on as well has had backpacks and such on... The cop rolls up with his gun aimed at them and tells them all to get on the ground, etc... He calls for backup, they show up.. Guys are cuffed and drugs/spray paint, etc are found in their bags.


More details I don't feel like typing out, but you get the idea. It was so satisfying...

I have no idea what ethnicity (Though, they did look hispanic, but I can't say for sure). I know drugs were DEF involved as they were acting like TOTAL morons... I don't think one of them spoke English as the officer was talking to him and he was just responding with generic answers like "yeeeeeeeah", "noooooo" in some sort of accent.

Anyway, thought some of you might get a kick out of that one.

PS: I'm not christian nor am I religious.
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PPS: I totally had the means to pwn/scare the living isht out of these guys as I had 4 pistols and an AK-47 in my car with me... and I was dressed in all black with a beanie + swat boots.
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Good work, laddie!
NICE :twisted:

just an old fashioned klean kill

congrats :):)
HAHAHA! I dont know if I would have been as good as you... I would have pulled out the AK and scared the shit out of them.
+1 for using PPS correctly ;)

+100 for finding the cop and going back to make sure they mopped up ;)

+1 for the cops taking the f'ing retards down hot!
Nice job man.

Nice kill

- Janq

"It takes a village." - Hillary Clinton
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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