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As reported by the Saginaw News (MI):

Break-in victim had gun - but no bullets

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

GLADWIN -- The 72-year-old Billings Township woman pulled the gun from a safe, aimed it at a knife-wielding bandit and pulled the trigger.

No bullets.

The woman told Gladwin County sheriff's deputies she was asleep about 3 a.m. Monday when the masked, armed burglar awakened her, demanding the cash she had stashed in her safe, deputies said.

When the woman reached for her telephone to call 911, the 6-foot-tall robber, armed with a steak knife, snatched the phone and flung it, along with the night stand in which it was sitting, across the room, deputies said.

Determined to protect her savings, the woman opened the safe but instead of handing over her money, she retrieved a small-caliber handgun and aimed it at her assailant, deputies said.

When she pulled the trigger, both victim and burglar realized the weapon had no ammunition and a scuffle ensued, deputies said.

The burglar wrestled the weapon away from the woman and helped himself to a stack of cash, mostly $50 and $100 bills, then fled through the kitchen, leaving the gun on the counter on his way out, authorities said.

Deputies are looking for a slender man, about 160 pounds, who wore a dark-colored hooded sweat shirt and dark pants. He had pulled the hood over his head and concealed his face with a dark-colored ski mask. Deputies did not indicate if the victim was able to determine the assailant's race.

Anyone with information should call Gladwin County sheriff's deputies at (989) 426-9284. v

LaNia Coleman covers law enforcement for The Saginaw News. You may reach her at 776-9690.

The story can be found at;

- Janq

Lesson Learned:

This story really resonates with me being a MA resident. Reason being we are by law not allowed to store a loaded firearm nor a loaded magazine (mag with ammunition in it). As such that presents a quandry for home defense as if you have an autoloader you have to load the mag and then load your firearm, charge it, and then if you're fotunate enought to still have time before the BG gets hold of you it's then that you might defend yourself. Fubar!
The only allowance is toward revolvers where one may use a speedloader which is not by law considered to be a 'magazine' or loading device, even as we all know it is. Still though one has to have enough time and be lucid enough, woken from a dead sleep, to load their revolver be it by hand or with aid of a speed loader.
If you live in a locality where this kind of stupid law is not in play then do be sure your roscoe is prepped, before hand. This lady had good instincts except for not thinking prior to check and be sure her defensive arm was loaded. That gaffe could have cost her life in addition to her savings as taken. :(
I've got to get my mind right and go buy a revolver, this story reminds me of that fact.

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yikes - this is a case in point where knowing is half the battle

saddly she knew she had to pull the trigger to protect herself, yet didnt know the gun wasnt loaded

things could have gotten worse than they did
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