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Bought it just because...

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My new(used) Beretta 96 Brigadier. :laugh:

...because i watched too much Lethal Weapon. :laugh:

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- Thomas Magnum, Private Investigator

"This is a Beretta 92. It's very accurate. Just point it, and shoot." - Tom Cruise, 'MI:III'

Devx, did you join harvard?

They have a USPSA practice every wed night if you are interested
Nice dude. I plan on owning a Beretta. POS or not, they're a classic and have a place in any collection.

Just one thing to watch for with the Beretta USA guns. Watch the locking block for any wear. Right before they go(and lock up the gun making it hard as hell to disassemble) you will see some rounding or some shearing starting along the ears of the block replace it.

From the pic its an older one(no reinforced slide) so watch out fot the slide getting stress cracks near where the block locks into it. This was a pretty significant problem in the 92 with even 9m Nato loads.

If you watch for those things the pistol should last a while.
Ducman said:

Devx, did you join harvard?
Work and other issues have prevented me from doing much of anything lately.
Well, if you have time and want to go shooting again, just let me know
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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