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Boar Hunting. AKA Doggin And Hoggin

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so last night my buddy calls be up and says, "hay Tristan, you wana go do some boar hunting tonight". well shivver me timbers, hell fuckin yeah i wana do some boar hunting. so, to make a long story short, about 3 hours later im standing there in this river in the sticks with 6 dogs straight man handling this 300lbs sow before i plunged a nice bowie on her heart.

was the craziest first hunting experience i could have asked for.

i highly recomend it.

if it wasent just past midnight when all this went down, i would have taken some pictures. ill be sure to get some next time.
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Is that, uh, safe?
sounds something right outa crocodile dundee
Makarov: i have heard some nasty stories. but mostly they involved a serious lack in preparation. such as to few dogs, to big a target or something of that nature. but man has been hunting boar with dogs and knife for a very long time. not that time makes it any safer.

i heave "heard" of dogs being killed by large boars. but we had 6, and the pit had 'armor'. it was this cloth and leather jacket type device that buckled around the dogs sides and mid-section. to be honest, the boar was not very interested in me by the time i got there. she was so busy with these dogs hassling her that i just waited until the dogs where in a position that allowed me a lot of flank access and then went in, did the deed, wrenched the knife around in a circular motion and pulled out.

i was going to go again tonight but im moving out of Monterey, probably wont have a chance to do it again for a while. too bad too, was a shit load of fun.

i would advise against rounding up 6 local dogs and going boar hunting with a knife though. in fact, i wouldn't even think about it unless i was going with someone who had done it many many times before. the guy i went with has been going for some 20 years.

oh yeah, final note. dragging the carcass of a 300lbs sow across a 1/4 mile of wobbly California and heave-ho'ing it over 2 barbed wire fences was not nearly as cool as everything leading up to it.
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thanks for the info. i figured the dogs would need to be trained for this. did you eat the pig or what?
yeah generally you eat the pig.

From what i've read/heard, people into hunting this way either:
A) train their dogs and armor them for the highest survival rate possible
B) learn to not get attatched to dogs.

It IS dangerous for the dogs. the end.
have not had a chance to get any swine yet. all i really want are the tusks anyway :)
gana mount em.
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