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Legaly could he have shot him? He was a threat with that bat. I know the new law in Ga and Fl you could have.

HAHAHA! I love the comments on this

Posted by jackfrostfucksyourmom
"That was so fake. Yeah, people just carry pistols on them all the time in America... Oh okay. Fucking stupid ass shit, this movie is fake."

But yes It did look a bit fake.

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so i watched the video again.... i was really bored at work today. and I've decided that my favorite part isn't the bad acting sequence when everyone jumps out of the car. no, no. its about 30 seconds into the video when one of the guys exclaims "i don't know if you saw her face but it looks like a can of smashed ass hole".

I'm not gana lie... a little bit of pee came out i was laughing so hard.
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