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Blowin-shit-up ideas

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So I have a lot of stuff to shoot, and a gravel pit to shoot it in, so anything goes. I need some ideas about how to do it creatively...I also want to videotape it. I have the camera, the goods and the guns, now I need the ideas. :) Most of the stuff is computer related- an old server, monitors, a laptop, etc.

I don't want to spread it too far and wide because I want to be able to cart (most of it) out again when I'm done.

Anyone have any good blowin' shit up ideas they want to share? :D
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propane tanks and tracer rounds are always fun.....

I do the same thing, I love to shoot every day things TV's, cars, computers (I enjoy blowing up computers to much :) ) and other stuff but hardly ever record it....

This topic should get some interesting ideas...
How about some ramen noodles... I think there bullet proof.
fatcat said:
This topic should get some interesting ideas...

or locked lol
I think only one topic has ever been locked on here and that was an ad for cheap viagra from our sneekey friends to the north...
We don't lock shit here at Gunatics! :D (unless it's blatant pr0n or advertisements) :D :D :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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