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Well Shad had 1 of the ol' pics. If you come across anymore like the:

  • 100 round Glock Magazine
  • The half BETA C-Mag
  • Various .50 BMG Pistols and Nuclear Rounds
  • Desert Storm, Alternative US Propoganda Leaflets
  • Moutain Dew Launcher
    [*} There were others, I can't recall them all

If you got any of these please post here.

Shad said:
You should totally put these on it Daniel.

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Barrett M82B1K-PDW .50 BMG Entry Weapon

The two grips (front and back) allow for controlled rapid fire and also allows for greater accuracy on those longer shots. Why charge through the door with a wimpy M-16 or an even more girly and vastly over-rated, "bullets stuck in the door" type HK MP-5? Why not use a weapon that not only gets the ones hiding behind the front door but ALSO gets the two running out the back?

Available in both civilian and military configurations. Please DO NOT contact Barrett Mfg. concerning this weapon as they have no affiliation with BWS and were given no trade secrets or testing information concerning our Entry Line" products

Barrett M82B1-P .50 BMG Pistol

This weapon is the best choice for when conventional handgun fire power just isn't enough to get the job done. Many times you can find yourself in situations where you must unleash extreme fire power at close range. A bulky 35 lbs. rifle won't work and certainly can't be readily hidden, but the BWS Barrett M82B1-P definitely CAN!

The next time you are cornered in a dark garage and a criminal demands your wallet ....whip out your BWS Barrett M82B1-P. He'll know he messed with the "wrong dude".

Available in both civilian and military configurations.
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oh man you guys rock! keep em coming. I remember there's alot more!!!
I cant find the 500 round uzi mag :( that one was so funny.

"It puts ideas in people's heads," Dunham said. "We don't need any more creative weapons than there are."

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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