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Best way to sell a firearm

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I'm curious how most of you guys sell your personal firearms. I have a couple great condition modern guns I'd like to offload. I know I can consign them or straight up sell them at a local gun shop, but I'd like to get a decent amount for them. and shipping firearms seems to be a little cumbersome and sketchy. Any other ideas? Thanks.
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Gunbroker and auctionarms are easy once you get a single sell under your belt.
if it is a pistol you have to overnight it UPS or Fed Ex.

A shotgun or rifle can be sent USPS, UPS or Fed Ex without an FFL according to federal regulations.

If you want to send a pistol USPS you need an FFL.

They all have to be sent to a licensed person, but federal law does not mandate you have an FFL to send the gun if you do it like I described above. Some FFL holders will not accept a non FFL shipment, some will, and some want a Drivers license copy to prove identity.
I would call UPS and Fed Ex and tell them that they are wrong, and if they dont make it right, that they will lose any future business.

What dicks
Yes it is illegal, but the sender does not need to have a license.
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