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Best finish?

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What's your opinion on the best finish for a pistol? I'm thinking of hard chroming stainless. My question is what are the limits of finishes when it comes to each and every part of a pistol?
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Hard Chroming is the most durable finish one can put on a gun period. Unlike the the polished "chrome' you often think of(which is nickel) it is durable, wont peel, and is uber resistant to corrosion.

Glocks/Steyrs/Walthers Tenifer finish is good but the color really comes froma modified parkerizing or some other finish put over it since Tenifer processing doesnt really color the metal much.

For the paint on shit KG Gunkote is slightly and I mean just slightly more resistant to wear than Duracoat. Although it must be oven cured which is tougher for some of us who dont have that big of a hot box.

Parkersizing is not the best but it soaks up oil and easy to do.

I still love old fashioned bluing. What I do when I reblue is I allow the finish to set(Bluing does need some set time) and then I clean with acetone and coat with Duracoat clear to make it look good and corrosion resistant while still pretty.

BTW when I blue I do the old fashioned salt bluing instead of the hot dip cause its more durable and prettier, just not as glossy.
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Is there any part you would suggest not getting hard chromed?
Anything steel is good to go. I was thinking of having the metal on my Steyr done and I am definately doing my Browning shotty.
That whole tiger striping thing the newest DEagles have going on :laugh:

Seriously though, I've heard awesome things about that Duracoat or Tuffcoat or whatever its called for pistols.
Its ok but hard chrome is the best. They line MG barrels with that shit. Now thats durable.
the only thing is chrome is way too flashy for some of us.
your thinking nickel...hard chroming looks just like satin stainless unless you have it polished at great cost.
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