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Best bet for a good 1911?

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Well, the bug has bitten for sure!

I want a 1911, but I'm undecided on what brand to go for... So far, I've checked out Springfield Armory, Smith and Wesson, Charles Daly, and Kimber brands and find that each has its pluses and minuses.

So damn hard to choose! Oh what a nice dilema...

Any pros/cons regarding the above brands? Any other 1911brand recommendations?

Filthy Rich :twisted:
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I've been happy with the performance of my Dan Wesson, and the bobtail grip is cool.

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I’ve also been bitten by the 1911 bug. I’ve shot them before and never considered them as they were beyond my budget at that time (15 years ago). I shot a friend’s Kimber Custom II recently and now I have to have a 1911. At first I was all set to purchase a Kimber. In fact I had my heart set on it. But after reading many bad reviews, I was a little hesitant. Then after seeing first hand at the range the problems that people were having with them I decided against it. Bummer too, I really liked the looks of the Eclipse II.

A little more research has led me to SA. The local range had a SA TM in their sales case. I fondled it and it was a good fit and I liked the target sights. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend big money on a gun that I had never fired. Then last week I went to the range and it was gone. I was a little bummed since I was really thinking about buying it. Yester day the new owner of that gun walked into the range and was in the stall next to mine. I was really curious to see how it was going to shoot. He was all over the place with it. I mean really bad. If he was hitting the paper he was doing well. His grip was whacked. He was holding like a base ball bat. His grip hand was ok but his trigger finger was a far into the well as he could get. His brace hand at the very bottom of the grip. He was using his index finger and thumb to hold the last little bit of the grip that extended beyond his grip hand. It was painful to watch. After he stopped I gave him a couple of pointers. That helped and he offered to let me shoot it. I’m set to order my SA TM in a couple of weeks.

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Sounds like that shooter was shooting old school style for revolvers.
Lots of those folks around IRL and on TV and movies too.
Good on ya for being kind enough to offer dude a hand, even if it was self serving. :)

- Janq
I would have helped him whither I was interested in shooting it or not. Having an ulterior motive was just an extra motivator. :wink:
Filthy point your browser here for the responses that you seek:
Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 12:23 pm Post subject: 1911's

- Janq
Charles Daly is hit or miss on the quality of their 1911, but they warranty it so if you have any trouble with it they fix it. But most fo tehm dont have a ramped barrel so watch out there.

Look into Auto Ordnance. They are usually cheaper or no more than a comparable Springfield or S&W. They have a avery nice feel to them and if you plan to carry they have a nice lightweight model as well.
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