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I own a Bersa Thunder 380, as do several other members of my family... :D

I think that of all the handguns I own the Bersa gets the most "Oh man I want one of THESE!" comments whenever friends come to the range... Can't blame 'em though, it's one hell of a nice gun [especially considering the price!] though the cost of 380 Auto kinda makes the ol' wallet strain a bit... Then again I have been known to be a miser at times.

I have never seen a Makarov in captivity around here, so I cannot comment... Aren't they C&R guns? I seem to recall that they are, in which case I WILL be picking one up when I get the C&R [which fortunately is towards the top of the mosterous quarter-mile-long list of things to do...]
The more guns the merrier!

Filthy Rich :twisted:
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