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Bersa Vs. Markov

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Very informative atricle, and i can't sleep:
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Obviously, I own a Makarov (Russian) chambered in .380. It is very accurate, controllable, and rugged. The sights leave something to be desired, especially in low light shooting. Fit and finish is mediocre. The inside of the slide is coarsely finished, but the locations where parts meet are much better. I will say that the magazine release at the end of the grip is kind of a pain, but it works and can still be rather quick.

I've yet to shoot or see the Bersa. What he says about the Mak I totally agree with. I've found that the more I shoot it, the more I like it. I got mine for $150 with 1000 rounds of JHP :D
Bersa is like having a PPK/s really. I like them alot and the only thing I like about teh MAK more is the ammo.
I own a Bersa Thunder 380, as do several other members of my family... :D

I think that of all the handguns I own the Bersa gets the most "Oh man I want one of THESE!" comments whenever friends come to the range... Can't blame 'em though, it's one hell of a nice gun [especially considering the price!] though the cost of 380 Auto kinda makes the ol' wallet strain a bit... Then again I have been known to be a miser at times.

I have never seen a Makarov in captivity around here, so I cannot comment... Aren't they C&R guns? I seem to recall that they are, in which case I WILL be picking one up when I get the C&R [which fortunately is towards the top of the mosterous quarter-mile-long list of things to do...]
The more guns the merrier!

Filthy Rich :twisted:
If you get a Mak get a E. German or Ruskie one. They are the 2 best in that order. The Bulgarian ones are ok but only that.

Yeah they are all C&R with the excetion of some Chinese ones...which you dont want anyways.
I tell you guys - if you are walking around with a makarov in your pocket -- it feels good, like having a badass AK in your pocket type of feeling, you know your going to keep everyone safe.
i'll take my MAK anyday over the gives you free membership in the makarov cult. :wink:
Or you can have the best of both worlds with the FEG PA 63. Looks like a Bersa/PPK Walther but shoots the 9mm Mak round. I have one for teh wife and it friggin kicks like hell for a 9mm mak.

But I do miss my WW2 Beretta 380 a bit. Wish I would not have sold her.
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Unless the lists have changed since I got out of the C&R game, only the russian and E. German maks are safe for C&R. All of the other ones do not qualify. I should point out that I let my C&R liscense expire in July of 2004, and the list may well have changed.

I have my Mak though. A very nice russian one. Of all the automatics that I have have had (and I have had many) it is constantly my favorite.

I think Bulgy Maks are now on teh C&R list.
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