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benchmade knives

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anyone carry or have a benchmade?
here is mine...

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damn, i didnt know it was that big. my apologies fellas.
O L D Benchmade Eclipse 830SBT in my pocket right now.
fuzz, have you had any problems out of it at all since you been carrying it? whats the blade like? i bought this benchmade at a good price at out shop and i have heard great things about these blades.
I just purchased a 707SBK. I look forward to carrying it 8)
D2 is great blade steel
this is my daily one:

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I have a 9050 AFO SBK

I love it.

Also the Benchmade LifeSharp program is the balls!!!
benchmade makes the finest production folders ive ever come across.
Makarov said:
I just purchased a 707SBK. I look forward to carrying it 8)
This update is long overdue. I really like this knife. Great every day use size and very well made. Only problem is that it did not come razor sharp. The Byrd knives I bought came much sharper from the factory.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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