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Been looking for a 1903

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I've been looking for a springfield 1903 for sometime now and i just cant find one. help would be appreciated
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CMP (civilian marksmanship program) might have some, but i've no idea on the condition.

i personally want a P-17
CMP's sold out of 1903's, to bad there such sweet shooting rifles.

Same with the M1 carbines, sold out.
m1 carbines havent been available forever since there were not many left in teh stock pile to begin with. What wasnt sold off as surplus post war was given away to our allies, which we never got back.

Prime recipiants were South Vietnam, Souh Korea, and Cuba prior to Castro

Same with alot of Garands we gave to Iran.
If you do get an 03 make sure it is not too early of one. There are some that are not safe to shoot due to the poor heat treatment of the reciever. Too brittle to handle modern 30-06 loadings.
those r my favorite mil-surp, sweet tapered target brls, they r built for literate ppl. literally, everything has words everywhere -- unlike other rifles of the era, and later.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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