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brucelee said:
Aye, I go to TM all the time for some late night target shooting. I def wouldn't buy a gun from them since their prices are so high.

I heard that they are going to start allowing rapid fire to bring in more customers. Anyone esle hear that?
reason i stopped going to TM was their inconsistent rules.

early on, i asked one of them if i could double tap. he said sure when i'm alone.

so, everyone left and i was alone in one bay.

so i asked and he said go ahead.

it was fine and dandy.

fast forward a month or so, diff set of monkeys behind the desk and i asked again. then they laughed at me. asking me if i were a cop.

i'm all, WTF?!?

after that, i never went back and shot there...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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