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What all kinds of batteries do lights for gns like thes take? I dont know why they dont put a speciffication.
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lol cuz they assume most people who would buy an $85.00 tactical light would know.

They take 2 x CR123A 3volt Photocell lights. All decent tactical lights use this same cell. Throws out alot of lumens, but the battery life is limited to 1-2 hours continuous use.

This specific weapon light is a copy of the Streamlite M3 weapon light which is about 2 x more expensive. The G&P light is a very good light and I've even used it on my real USP without fail. These use a real Surefire P60 bulb, so bulb replacements are relatively easy.


On Glock 26 Advanced

There's another airsoft company called G&G that also make a copy of this weapon light. Not as good in design or build quality though.
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Thanks. There arent rechargeable batteries are there?
Negative on the rechargables. I would strongly suggest ordering in bulk from Galls, LA Police Gear or some other public safety supply place. You can get the 123 cells for about $5 each at drug stores or grocery stores, or as low as a buck or two when buying 12 packs online. Shop around.

they do make lithium Ion CR123A rechargeables though. I just dunno how good they are.

I did what Hans suggested though. I bought about 200 a few years ago around .90/pcs. 4 weapon lights and 6 surefire style ones use them up.
I stand corrected, Orca.

Back to buying the disposable lithium cells in bulk, remember that those bad boys retain 95% of their mAh after ten years on the shelf, so you'll get to use them eventually.

Or you can bring extras to airsoft games and sell them at usurious prices to folks who are stuck with inoperative weapon lights. *smirk*

yeah, i'd be worried about the charge life of the rechargeables. I'f they act like NimH's your light will just die.
Charge life

Oh, yeah. There is NO way a NiMH or *gag* NiCad could match the 1400 mAh supplied by the lithium CR123's

Guess I should have asked this question a long time ago but who is the best manufacture of these batteries?
I've used SureFire brand, Battery Warehouse brand, and Energizers. I found no difference in the ammount of runtime I got out of a set of batteries in my Surefire A2. Your mileage may vary. Offer void in Utah. Some cars not for use in some sets. Toy does not actually fly. This side toward enemy. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. Unleaded fuel only. May cause drowsiness.
Or, you could just do it this way:
Stolen directly from ;)

Sick of buying expensive batteries for your red dot?

Do like I did and make it run on 2 AA batteries, heh

I drilled a hole in the battery cover and made a false battery out of a big chunk of pencil eraser and 2 thumbtacks. I then soldered wires to the thumbtacks and ran them out the battery cover. Last was to stick a battery pack on the side of the gun.

The wiring is a little sloppy, but it gives me some slack to eventually stick the batteries inside the forearm. (2 AAA batteries would work too, but I couldn't find a sealed box for those)

I shouldn't need to change the batteries for, oh.. a year
Nice find Scir. Prob with this setup is it won't power a 6 or 9 volt Surefire lamp. Any AAA, AA, C, D battery @ 1.5 v, won't power a Surefire bulb properly unless you added 4-6 cells and I'm sure your MaH would suck off store bats This is a good solution for anything liek red dot and lasers that use watch bats tho.

So you would just be remoting CR123a 3 volts which you'd only need to do for extra battery life.
I have searched for a bit and have not been able to find the kind of batteries that this scope uses Someone here know waht size it takes?
yes, they are a custom double watch battery (It's actually 2 watch cells shirnkwrapped together, which i'm sure can me replaced with 2 non shrink wrapped versions) but that specifc reddot cones with an extra set of them and it uses very low power. So unless you just forget to turn it off it'll be fine.

But give a hollar over to AEX to find out which exact watch battery it is.

That scopes quality is good for the price, but not that great compared to other reddot scopes. If you're only out for the ACOG look then it's a good scope.

In general all reddot and illuminated crosshair scopes use a generic coin/watch style battery.
You were correct. I contacted AEX and they confirmed it.
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