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CN: Marion Barry gets robbed at gun point in his home, and then suddenly he develops an interest in DC gun laws and their gun crime situation.

As reported today by the Washington Times...

Barry aims for gun-ban hiatus

By Gary Emerling

D.C. Council member Marion Barry yesterday introduced legislation that would suspend the District's 30-year ban on handguns, providing gun owners a 90-day period to register weapons they would then be allowed to legally own.
"We are in the midst of a gun-violence epidemic," said Mr. Barry, Ward 8 Democrat. "We need to see gun violence as an emergency in the District of Columbia."
Mr. Barry's bill, which only applies to pistols, would allow D.C. residents with no criminal record to register guns for 90 days from the law's enactment. After the 90-day period, current gun restrictions would be reinstated.
Barry spokesman Keith Perry said the bill is "an acknowledgment that people do have guns" in the District and would help police better track weapons used in the commission of crimes.
The District has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and restricts ownership of most guns that were not registered before 1977. Privately owned rifles and shotguns must be kept at home and stored unloaded, disassembled or bound by a trigger lock or a similar device.
Mr. Barry's proposal would increase the penalties for possessing an unregistered weapon in the District from a maximum of one year in prison and a $1,000 fine to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
A second offense could result in 30 years in prison and a $20,000 fine, according to the bill.
Mr. Barry, who was robbed at gunpoint in his Southeast apartment in January 2006, cited statistics that said police had confiscated 2,656 guns last year, with 51 percent of those weapons being seized east of the Anacostia River.
A recent Metropolitan Police Department report on homicides from 2001 to 2005 states that 901 of 1,126 homicide victims, or about 80 percent, were fatally shot.
Mr. Barry, who served four terms as D.C. mayor, also referenced the recent shooting deaths of D.C. teenagers Cynthia Gray and Taleshia Ford, both 17, in urging support for the measure.
"We all get outraged ... and we all go home," Mr. Barry said. "Nothing is done to get the guns off the streets of Washington, D.C."
Mr. Barry's bill was co-sponsored by council members Jim Graham, Ward 1 Democrat; Kwame Brown, at-large Democrat; and Tommy Wells, Ward 6 Democrat. It was referred to the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary.

Mr. Brown acknowledged that the bill "needs some working and flushing out" but that it was a proactive approach to taking guns off of city streets.
"To me, it's the end result," he said. "How do we get guns off the streets of the District of Columbia, get public input and find out how we can make the streets safer?"
Phil Mendelson, at-large Democrat and chairman of the public safety committee, said he had reservations about aspects of the bill. He said the 90-day period during which people who have owned illegal guns can register their weapons seems "counterproductive."
"The intent is right, to deal with gun violence," Mr. Mendelson said. "The amnesty thing, I think, goes against the need to reduce the number of guns in our city." He said the bill would likely be considered during the course of a larger hearing on gun violence.
Peter Hamm, a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said yesterday the organization was not sufficiently familiar with Mr. Barry's bill to give an opinion on it but that the measure could be a tough sell in the District.
"It seems like a real uphill struggle for Mr. Barry to get a lot of broad support for something like this," Mr. Hamm said. "Washington, D.C., is suffering from a lot of gun violence lately and to say, 'Let's bring more guns into the equation as a solution,' doesn't sound like it makes a great deal of sense."
Chris W. Cox, chief lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, also said Mr. Barry's proposal was a surprise and that the organization would study the bill.
"Obviously, we support efforts to allow law-abiding residents of the District to own firearms," Mr. Cox said. "And we will continue in those efforts."
Congressional attempts to repeal the District's gun ban in recent years have been criticized as attacks on the District's right to home rule.
In 2004, the House of Representatives voted in favor of repealing the city's restrictions on gun ownership and registration, even though the measure was opposed by the District's mayor, 13 council members, the police chief and the city's congressional delegate. The bill was not brought to a vote in the Senate.
A federal appeals court heard arguments in December about whether the District's decision to prohibit residents from owning guns is a violation of the Second Amendment. That decision is pending. A U.S. District judge rejected the argument, brought by six D.C. residents, in 2005.

The story can be found at;
For residents this opportunity of 'amnesty' presents a conundrum, or a trap if you will.

There are no gun stores or sellers of firearms products what so ever in DC, and haven't been for 30 yrs.
People who do own weapons in DC including those who otherwise are legal straight arrow types not associated with crime trade have done so either upon movign to the city or have purchased them used via person to person sales or they have used a straw man purchase or they have had them loaned/given to them by friends, family, and others. Ammunition as well is not allowed and not sold anywhere in DC.
So if they pass this effort and folks come forward to register they then will effectively be incriminating themselves and confessing to a crime which includes interstate transport.
As well this does not help those who do not own a firearm but would like to because current laws require transfer via an FFL when purchasing out of ones own state of residence...and there are no FFLs in DC because there has been zero market toward as much over the past 30 yrs. So those folks are left out...and if they do pop up saying they bought a gun the day before from dealer or seller X, Y, or Z in MD, VA or whereever then the simple next question from the po-po will be; 'Who handled the required FFL transfer?'.

- Janq

"Bitch set me up!" - Marion Barry

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DJ 9iron said:
Hmmm. If you mean by mugging, getting turned right side up and put back on their feet again, sure. :p You knew liberals were all standing on their heads and telling us the world is upside down?
No, what I said is an old, old chestnut. A newly minted law & order liberal may have just had an encounter with someone whom he previously tried to understand rather than incarcerate. Welcome to the real world.

I've got 2 good personal examples of this -

(1) Early on my wife was very skittish about guns and made it clear that they were a problem for her. I made it clear it was her problem, not mine and it was something we just didn't talk about. She's a pharmacist and one day an addict put a gun to her head and asked for all the schedule drugs. When she called me and told me, after I got over the relief that she was OK I readied myself for the "Get rid of them or I go" statement. Instead what I got was her saying that if she'd been armed she could have shot him. Welcome to the real world.

(2) At my former employer we had a German exchange student intern one summer. Somehow he discovered I was into guns and each day I got a lecture from him on my primtive behaviour. He was always trying to get me to slip up or contradict myself but I could usually piss him off to the point he would not be able to construct sentences and he'd toddle off fuming. One Monday morning he shows up looking like he'd been in a car wreck. He'd caught a late train out of Boston on the previous Saturday night and gotten robbed & badly beaten up at the T-station in Malden. They even stole his shoes! He was so shaken up he could not remember how to speak English clearly and could not give an effective report to the police so they broomed him. From what I gathered he spent all of Sunday pretty much in the fetal position at the room he rented. It took awhile but he finally told us what happened in an outburst that nearly left him crying in the office. Later that day he apologized for the way he'd gone after me on guns previously and that he truly understood my perspective now. Clearly his entire belief system had been turned on its head. Welcome to the real world.


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Call me paranoid, especially in a place like D.C., but a 90 day allowance to register your gun to my mind is going to lead to more law abiding people getting thier guns confiscated one way or the other.

Who wants to be the one to tell Marion that the bad guys who use guns for the "gun-violence epidemic" won't be registering anything?
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