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Taken from another forum, a gun can save your life in more ways than you might think!

From the high road,

Well, maybe not my life, but it sure saved me from getting sliced in half and going to the hospital.

I carry two Glock 19s in CQC Serpa holsters under a sports coat while at work. One over each hip. I was working at a client's site today, and they are installing a new roof. It's a 2 story building, the the metal R-panels are about 35' long, and are pretty heavy. They're also rasor sharp on all the edges.

I decided to head out for lunch, and walked out the front door, through the yellow caution tape corridor set up guide people through the work area, and had almost cleared the tape when I heard a lot of yelling - and a strange sound I didn't recognise - behind and above me. The strange sound was one of the panels sliding off the roof! I turned a little left and looked over my shoulder just in time to see it and yank my arm UP out of the way, but the sheet of steel caught me full in the hip - or it would have, if the Glock wasn't there. The steel sliced through my jacked through the CQC holster, and was stopped by the slide.

In the process, the mass of the sheet slammed me into the ground - and I'm not a little guy - and pinned me there until the roofers managed to get the sheet off of me. The CQC holster kept the sheet from sliding up my body as the other end slid down the wall. It's a good thing my leather belt has webbing reinforcement. They pulled the sheet off me, and the foreman was saying, "We need an ambulance..." into his cell phone. I stood up and said, "Why do you need an ambulance? Is somebody hurt?"

He looked at me and said, "You're cut! You're cut!", and he pulled up my jacket as if to see how bad it was, and he stopped short and just stood there. I pulled the gun out and said, "It's a good thing I carry this for protection." (There is a pretty good gauge in the slide, but it's really just cosmetic. The gun is fine.) I put the gun back and stuck my hand in the hole in my jacket and said, "The next time you guys are going to put a hole in my jacket, try to do it while I'm not wearing it."

He was so relieved that he started to faint and had to sit down on the ground.

I was pretty aggravated about it until the owner of the roofing company showed up and fired the whole crew. Now I feel bad about it. Not as bad as they do, I'm sure.

Feelings aside, I'm really glad I was wearing both guns.


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I think the shadows are a bit iffy on this one. Plausible, but...

Edit: and seeing the whole thread on The High Road, others share my opinion. I don't doubt it could have happened, but the guy's story has the smell of bravo sierra.
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