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Attn. MA Residents - The Approved Firearms Roster has been updated!!!!

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And here it is...

New additions include a wide range of Sig products, Glocks including their new to here .45 GAP and the drum roll please...the S&W M&P 9 and 40 including the M&P Compact but just in 9mm.

There is now no point in me waiting for the M&P 45 to come online as by the time the next update to the MA approval list is released my 4yr. old will be finishing up first grade. :(

I'm off to Buds right now to see what they are charging for a .40 with mag safety & internal lock.

- Janq
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dude - move out of that god awful state!
Janq said:
I will, soon as the kids head off to college.

- Janq

wow - baby janq is what a 1yo?

that is a long time off - hang in there
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