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ATTN: Everyone: Are you from Nabisticock, or not?

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Some screen names I recognize from nasioc, some I don't. Holla if you come here via t3h OT! :mrgreen:
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what is this OT you speak of? j/k. Yea im from there, i just changed my name b/c if i could do it over again i wouldnt have such a practical name like scooby42 again.
Cool. I'm wondering how many people have come in from outside sources. :)
Not from nabisco, but I do frequent i-Club.


i go to nabisco about once a month
BacDoc said:
God I love that... lol
The fucking waggler... damn it.


Why no poll, eh??? EH???
Mikkito said:
The fucking waggler... damn it.


Why no poll, eh??? EH???
cuz I'm NOT THAT FUCKING SMART!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Don't make me edit your posts to add a signature that says something about you drinking three cups of semen a day to enhance your targeting ability... :p
i never go to nabisco, and since this place came up, i go to i-club once a day. i do most of my WRX posting over at

i get yelled at alot for telling people not to upgrade there brakes and suspension. and i get cussed at for telling people there 8 foot sti wing does nothing at all

1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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