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So a little background. I knew somebody who worked temp at this company called Security Aviation back home(alaska) last summer. They said that the pilots would come in wearing tactical vests and pistols every once and a while. Then one day tells me about this new sporty looking jet they got, but they didn't know anything about planes so I wasn't given much of a description. I was thinking some small business jet. When I'm home over Christmas I see what they were talking about, and they had about 9 of them now. They're Chek built L-39 fighter trainers and 4 of them were parked out unsecured at a small general aviation airport. So that got my curiousity spiked.

What I found out over my Christmas break asking around to people I know in the industry: Security Aviation had been around for 25 years and up until recently the most expensive plane they had was an old cessna citation. All of a sudden over the last year or two they got a Gulfstream 3, and these 9 L39 jets, and some new helicopter. I guess all the permanent employees at Security Aviation have signed non-disclosure agreements. Talked to one guy who worked maintenance on the ramp next to Security Aviations and he had seen that Gulfstream pull in a couple times with guys in tactical gear and assault weapons getting out. Of the L-39's I've heard rumors from fighter interceptor training with the Air Force to training foreign military pilots. Also a rumor the prince of the UAE may be providing some funding to the company.

Now recently there have been a bunch of news articles back home about the FBI raiding Security Aviation. They've seized a rocket pod for the L39's, guns, passports, fake ID's and arrested one of the employees that they will not release on bail because they're afraid he'll run. Oh and that employee doesn't own any property, cars, keep any bank accounts.

One of the past news articles was about one of the L39's that crashed when it was being stolen or repossesed(still under investigation) because I guess Security Aviation didn't get the maintenance manuals and certification papers for the jets and wasn't going to continue paying for them until they did.

The most recent news article with links to the older articles at the bottom:

The articles about the L-39 crash:

So what do you guys think, espionage, blackwater type operations, drug running, just some guy pretending he's James Bond, what?

cn: Company in Alaska all of a sudden buys gulfstream and 9 fighter trainers. Pilots and men in tactical gear seen boarding their aircraft. Employee gets arrested with rocket pod, guns, fake ID's and passports.
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