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Attention CA AR owners.

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Does anyone have the part list for the Home Depot fixed mag kit? I wanted to stop by there on my way home and can't get on calguns here at work for the instructions.
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Thanks for all the "help". I'm leaving now anyways. :(
Doh, sorry man...
brucelee said:
Doh, sorry man...
It's ok. I bought a Glock30 instead. :evil: I'm still waiting on my upper for my AR anyhow.
post the link to the calguns forum, with the fixed mag parts
there's a guy who is selling a mag release button that is drilled to accept a set screw.

you screw in the set screw and the mag release doesnt push in.

unscrew the set screw and the mag release works like it should.

it fulfills the definition of "USING A TOOL"...
That's definitely a good setup. I think I'm going with that.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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