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Just a heads up for all you CA airsofters. ASHbash 2006 will be happening on July 29th up at Sequoia Airsoft.

This would be a great 1 day even for peeps just getting into organized skirmishing. This event is based more on having fun, instead of the hardcore milsim experience. It's not as hardcore MilSim as event's like Op:LionClaws, but it's also more reasonable to play at $40/person.

This will also probably be the only "48 states" participation from members of the Japanese airsoft community, liek Arm's Magazine, PDI, Xfire, and Echigoya.

The giveaway prize list is the biggest I've seen. This isn't counting what AEX is giving away.

I even hear that AEX's own Bruiser and Thumper will be at the event. I'm even thinking about a roadtrip up to this one.
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