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PHOENIX The Arizona Legislature has completed action on a
bill to explicitly make a 2006 self-defense law apply

The 2006 law shifted the burden of proof in cases where
people charged with a crime are claiming self-defense.

The new law says prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable
doubt that a self-defense claim was unfounded. The old law
made defendants prove that they acted to protect themselves.

Supporters hoped the law would be included in instructions
given weeks later to jurors in the trial of Harold Fish.

The retired teacher was convicted of second-degree murder in
the 2004 shooting death of Grant Kuenzil during a
confrontation on a trail near Payson.

Fish claimed self-defense. He says Kuenzil charged him in a
threatening manner after Fish shot a dog that he considered
a threat.

It's up to the governor to sign, veto or let the bill become
law without her signature.
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