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AR, build it or buy it?

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I finally decided to break down and buy an AR. I've never been a big AR fan because of the reliablity issue, but somehow it seems un american to have a ever growing collection of toys without an Ar in it. Or maybe I just want a new gun and the un american part is my excuse to the other half so i don't bring it home and find the locks changed lol

Anyhow, I figure if Im getting an AR I'm tricking it out all the way with all the bells whistles and gadget. I'm flipping a coin between a Fulton or Rock River gun, I can get either as a straight gun or shipped customized including scopes sights and lights, load the mags and it's ready to roll.

Here lies my dilema, do I buy it completely tricked out or do I just buy the straight gun and then buy all the gadgets and put them on myself. The difference in price between buying and doing it myself is on;y about 50$ so it not a big difference. So do i buy or build.

Ohh and which do you think is a beter rail Danial Defense or the ARMS SIR
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I would buy a stripped lower an build up from there, get the exact parts that you want. not only can you make a great rifle but you get the satifaction of building your own
I would go with building it, it can be cheaper and you get to add the parts you want. I wish people would quit thinking that the AR line of rifles jam all the time, we are not in Vietnam any more...
Building it won't really be any cheaper, just the opposite actually. The whole gun I can get at cost, which i can't do piece by piece. BUT, I've done a few dozen turn bolts but never personaly done a semi so I guess I should just because.

Who sells a good stripped lower? If im building this I'm going all the way, as Ducman said. I got the free time to do it so why not.
all the companies sell stripped lowers. I went with a bushmaster, fit and finish was great
I built an AR15A1 for under half of what I could have bought one for. I used Stag Arms for my lower and an unissed M16A1 Colt upper.
I spent all day at work either huddled over the puter or on the phone with my FFL ordering parts lol At least I got something accomplished. The only major parts i need to order yet are a muzzle break/flash hider, a handrail and sights.
I want flip up sights because I plan to mount an optic sight amd a Bi level handrail. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

It would have been much much cheaper to buy the damn thing, if the other half sees the bill on this 1 the shit will hit the fan big time.
build the lower...stripped lower, LPK, stock, buffer, and then buy an upper assembly. you'll get pleasure in knowing you customized arguably one of the most modular platform to YOUR liking. plus, in the meantime, you gain invaluable info and pride in having built it yourself. knowing the intricacies of your rifle is a beautiful thing.
i'd love to build up a nice 6.5 AR. too bad every assembly on that gun would be equivalent to my bi weekly paychecks.
The parts and pieces have been showing up all week, everything except the main ingrediants, barrels and recievers. I got a stack of boxes on the bench and nothing to do with them. All dressed up and no place to go feeling
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