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kel tec just came out w/ a 9mm, the PF-9.

"The PF-9 is a semi-automatic, locked breech pistol, chambered for the 9 mm Luger cartridge. It has been developed from our highly successful P-11 and P-3AT pistols with maximum concealability in mind. The PF-9 has a single stack magazine holding 7 rounds. It is the lightest and flattest 9 mm ever made. Firing mechanism is Double-Action Only with an automatic hammer block safety. The PF-9 will be available in blued, parkerized, and hard chrome finishes. Grips will be in black, grey, and olive drab."

Technical Specifications
Caliber: 9mm Luger 9 X 19mm
Weight unloaded (no magazine): 12.7 oz 360 g
Length: 5.85" 149 mm
Height: 4.3" 109 mm
Width: .88"" 22 mm
Barrel length 3.1" 80 mm
Capacity: 7+1

i'd take that over the other two.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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