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I wouldnt mind having that one,, its been a long time wating for it to arive. It looks like a great little piece. But, my p32 fits in the watch pocket of my jeans like a holster, there is no comparing it to the 9mm.

Here's another keltec p11, these have a little muzzle flip but shoot any ammo and use high cap mags. The 10 rd mag fits flush and hides in your pocket easy. Not as easy as the new one but the p-11 can use 4 different types of magazine, mine was s&w and it even works with 20-30 rd mags.hahah, one 10 rd mag in the BUG in your front pocket, one 30 rounder in your back pocket for backup, lol!

does anyone like the bad camera hahahah!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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