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Anyone ever get tattoo'd on their head?

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I'm going in to get a tattoo on the back of my head on Wed, just wondering what you guys think the pain is gonna be like.

I have a big ass one on my back and am familiar with pain of tattoos. Just wanted to see if it'd be different on my head.

PS: Lets see your tats!

here's the one on my back:

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Its going to bleed like a mofo and I generally wouldnt reccomend it. Your hair may never grow in well again after that cause of scar tissue. Give it long enough and we will all have barcodes tattoed on us anyway
Why do you say that?
I just showed this to a guy at work and he told me this story: He used to work in a hospital, and there was this older dude that got cancer, it was treatable but he would have a pretty shortened life. He lost all his hair to chemo, and during a break in his treatment, he went off for a while, and came back with a tatoo across his forehead in big letters:



He said he was dying, so he might as well.
Well you always bleed more on your head because the blood vessels are so close to teh surface of the skin....and I have a friend who got a really nasty gash on his head and not it looks like he has a really fucked up baldspot.

As far as us all having tattooed live in California....its only a matter of time. For god sakes they have warning labels on french fries soon.
I don't see why it would bleed any more than any other tatto your not cutting the skin open just poking it with some needles. But you might wanna ask a tattoo artist or two if your hair would grow back normal i would assume it would grow back fine. Just make sure you want it i would say don't get anything above the neck or below the elbow yet or at least till you run out of room else where but thats just me. BTW what are you getting?

heres mine i'm planning on getting another one soon below it sorry the pic kinda sucks

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My policy's always been above the neck and below the wrist. Long sleeve shirts rock.
I don't think i'll ever go above the neck. I'll go below the elbows if I start running out of room I've thought about it but that won't happen for a while.
Beer bottles can be hard to break over something like someones head. But i have seen it before lots of blood followed with stiches.
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