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Jank it sounds like the word on the web the .45 gap is dying. I only looked into it a few weeks ago as a pal was asking me about getting an Xd in gap and I was hesitant. Being unfamiliar with both the Xd and the Gap round.

To me the .45 gap was made by glock due to some grip size design issues. And came up with the specialized round. A lot of guys that were eyeing the .45 gap XD jumped off the wagon now that the 45acp XD came out.

To me it seemed they designed something that wasn't needed. You've got .40 S&W, .45 ACP and if you want more umfph in a semi auto you go with a 10mm.

He ended up going with a 9mm version due to ammo availability and I've seen a lot of guys writing about being very happy with the XD ergonomics. I'll eventually get to form an opinion on the Xd now that I can fire his!
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