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Anyone actually shoot the new XD-45 ACP???

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These things are damn near impossible to find around here. Everywhere I go they've all been accounted for before they even arrive. Anyone heard any reviews or shot one? I've been waiting on this gun for a while now.

Great idea for a forum Daniel!
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I have one at my gun shop. too bad we had to close our gun range so I can't go shoot it.
Mitch give it sometime as the thing debuted just 60 days ago.
By Q2 '06 the supply channel should catch up with demand just as with any other new and hot product.

In the mean time you might try an XD in .40 or .45 GAP to get an idea of functioning with relatively same if not very similar recoil characteristics.

- Janq
Jank it sounds like the word on the web the .45 gap is dying. I only looked into it a few weeks ago as a pal was asking me about getting an Xd in gap and I was hesitant. Being unfamiliar with both the Xd and the Gap round.

To me the .45 gap was made by glock due to some grip size design issues. And came up with the specialized round. A lot of guys that were eyeing the .45 gap XD jumped off the wagon now that the 45acp XD came out.

To me it seemed they designed something that wasn't needed. You've got .40 S&W, .45 ACP and if you want more umfph in a semi auto you go with a 10mm.

He ended up going with a 9mm version due to ammo availability and I've seen a lot of guys writing about being very happy with the XD ergonomics. I'll eventually get to form an opinion on the Xd now that I can fire his!
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I have yet to shoot the .45, but I would say that it is going to be a very hot gun. I have the Subcompact 9mm and plan on buying another XD, probably the Service model in 9mm or .45ACP. So far, my XD has performed flawlessly and is quite accurate for a 3" barreled firearm.
I own an XD-40 and its one the best pistols i have ever shot. great ergonomics and recoil's not too bad. Plus it's durable as hell.

You are correct the 45 GAP cartridge was thought up just to provide medium to small handed shooterswith a large caliber option at the request of US PD's. Problem is the ammo costs far too much and there just aren't all that many people who seem to be having this problem IRL LEO requests aside. If one really needs a compact large bore gun then they can choose the already confirmed .40 cal. If they want something even lighter/faster then go .357 Sig. There's little real need for a .45 ACP mini-me variant.

For the money .45 GAP makes little in the way of sense or cents, IMHO.

- Janq
I shot one this week. Fantastic. Very accurate for an out of the box polymer .45 but it's no Works 1911. I'm probably going to pick one up in a week or two but I may wait for the 5" barrel version. Unfortunately you can only get the 10 rd mags in CA but I still think it's a perfect home defense weapon.
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