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Anschutz by Miroku-Japan

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I just joined this forum greatly in need of help. Any help is greatly appreciated! I have an Anschutz made by Miroku-Japan supposedly in the mid 1970's. It is 12 Gauge, O/U, fixed 26" skeet barrels, 2 3/4" chambers. It has malfunctioned and does not close properly or function. I have previously contacted Anschutz North America and the response I got was that Anschutz was only the distributor(this was from Anschutz North America and supposedly from ? Anschutz in Germany). I have been unable to locate schematics or other to research parts needed, I cannot even find a model #. I did finally locate a serial number under the break mechanism in front of the butt stock. This was a great shooting gun which was almost impossible to miss with at a distance within range. It was supposedly manufactured as a replacement for the Winchester 101. I paid $1,000 for it from a family member which was probably a little much. All in all, I would like to fix and find a new home for it. Any help in finding information or a gunsmith at a reasonable price would be greatly appreciated. Locals that I have contacted show no interest due to the limited information available,
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